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M.B.A., Finance, Marketing & Competitive Strategy
University of Florida — 2009

B.A., Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania — 2005

Guest Lecturer

University of Michigan
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Pennsylvania


June 2017—Present



October 2017—Present


April 2015—May 2017

Provided vision and strategy for all data and information management activities including operations, computational marketing, delivery logistics and others. Worked with other senior leaders to understand their current business needs and operationalized tactics ensuring their ability to accomplish their goals. Created teams of internal experts to aid the business obtaining solutions and highlighting other potential areas that technical solutions could help enhance the organization.

  • Doubled revenue and reduced total costs by 25% for a healthcare practice by developing tracking systems for all operational metrics.

  • Incentivized blog contributors at a top-3 business website to produce content that maximized revenue and profitability through devising an effective compensation structure for bloggers.

  • Enabled a health insurance provider to partner with the Department of Labor by creating strategic insights and redefining analytical processes at the Federal Reserve.

  • Allowed a major health organization to visualize their mobile efforts to improve nationwide healthcare via data insights.
    Drove optimal building placement for a restaurant chain’s new stores to gain a competitive edge by building a predictive geo-spatial system.

  • Boosted the viral coefficient of a global communication platform’s software ecosystem and enhanced group communications by developing tracking systems.

  • Enabled major brands to optimize their creatives and ad placements for television, digital, and print marketing campaigns through crafting an adaptive media mix solution.

  • Championed the transition to cloud-based deployment.



December 2013—April 2015

Responsible for the daily operations of Data Science and Advanced Analytics teams for this Fortune 250 firm. As leader of the Data Science team, I coordinated data company-wide and built analytics technology using big data solutions including Hadoop technology. While overseeing Advanced Analytics, I managed a multimillion-dollar budget, driving the execution of analytic projects along with training and mentoring staff. Additionally, I expended about 50% of my time scoping and resolving issues associated with complex profit-generating opportunities for this global manufacturing company. On a regular basis, I was sought after to participate in a variety of corporate initiatives and speak at conferences on big data, data science, and analytics to contribute my deep knowledge of the field.

  • Led a team that boosted the company’s entire data storage capacity by 10%. Currently organizing more than 1,000 data silos into a single ecosystem that will facilitate a >90% reduction in data storage costs and time required to access data.

  • Played a key role in lowering inventory, reducing lead time for manufacturing of parts, decreasing cost to manufacture, and expediting delivery by ensuring the accuracy of forecasts at a part plant level.

  • Implemented software tools and process changes that enabled a 70% increase in sales force efficiency.

  • Justified and contributed to refining >$30M in corporate initiatives.

  • Earned a reputation as a data analytics expert, receiving invitations to speak at conferences and universities about building advanced analytics teams and implementing related corporate culture change.

  • Accepted an opportunity to present at the University of Pennsylvania on subjects such as big data, data science, and analytics.


HEAD OF Analysis & Data Insights

GROUPME (Division of Skype/Microsoft)
July 2012—July 2013

During this period, I was engaged to manage P&L and regular/ad hoc reporting. My scope of duties encompassed assisting GroupMe founders in managing a multimillion-dollar budget and undertaking deep financial analysis. Additionally, I focused on establishing analytics as a core competency within the GroupMe division. I also identified areas of OPEX reductions, drove the development of new reporting platforms, and trained analysts/programmers on data insights.

  • Helped this acquired startup navigate the corporate world and assisted other units in dealing with Microsoft and Skype bureaucracies.

  • Enabled exponential growth and ensured that users remained active throughout their lifecycle by developing customized viral coefficient and retention analysis.

  • Created revenue-generating products and enhancements.

  • Delivered a 50% decrease in OPEX spend through systematic data insights techniques.

  • Increased internal analytics abilities and decreased time between project implementation and insight deliverability.



June 2009—January 2012

I championed the establishment of one of the first Data Science teams at a major QSR chain, recruiting talent and crafting the vision for an enterprise-wide data-driven strategy. I led a team of economists, statisticians, and analysts in developing advanced analytic concepts and translating data insights for laymen. I also discovered patterns in consumer behaviors to identify high-performing in-store staff and presented results to the Board.

  • Established a personalized experience for every customer via constructing a CRM system.

  • Allowed non-technical users to develop a “Test and Learn” mentality by driving the creation and delivery of a “Test & Learn” tool with an Excel-based interface

  • Achieved 3-5% system-wide sales increase and lowered cost basis by identifying inefficiency in store-level operations

  • Balanced delivery costs and customer satisfaction by optimizing delivery route determination.

  • Cut sales forecasting errors >50% by developing a computational model based on economic principles.

  • Led a company-wide strategic initiative to quantify real estate value and determine opportunities for future store development.

  • Enabled segmentation of customers into occasion-based, price-sensitive clusters by crafting a customer-specific pricing program.

  • Identified underperforming stores, high-value franchises, and top store managers using a geo-spatial model.

  • Managed web analytics for a website ranked in the top 5 nationwide in transaction volume; transformed web-centric measurements to focus on customer experience and total company profits by incorporating offline activities.

  • Created algorithms to turn visual data into actionable intelligence that drove a 5-20% increased lifetime value.

  • Developed processes and methodology to leverage visual data at a plant and tie performance of individual contributors to customer lifetime value enabling 20% efficiency gains.

  • Lectured at University of Michigan and Georgia on big data, data science, marketing, and analytics.


Strategist, Marketing & Business intelligence

June 2008—August 2008

While completing my MBA in Finance and Competitive Strategy, this worldwide brand requested my assistance with strategic insights on marketing and business intelligence to improve profitability and internal processes.

  • Enabled strategic price increases by developing a corporate pricing model using price elasticity. The model accounts for rising commodity costs while minimizing customer loss on a store-by-store basis.

  • Increased the power of existing tools 30%+ and boosted the accuracy of internal data via identifying inconsistencies with internal processes.



July 2006—August 2007

At First Annapolis, I was tasked with developing and training a team of analysts in addition to assisting partners with fulfilling consulting commitments. As part of my role, I assessed value via statistical analysis of loan portfolios and recommended account management strategies to drive net present value.

  • Expertly performed country-level analysis on future revenue, profit, and market size for one of the largest worldwide financial services corporations using international census and economic data.

  • Developed cluster analysis to segment credit and debit card portfolios along with providing marketing recommendations for leading banks in Europe and South America.

  • Devised methodology to evaluate pricing models for traditional and online merchants.


BUsiness analyst

June 2005—July 2006

I was hired to organize customer management marketing test plans for a portfolio encompassing more than 3.5 million accounts, evaluating results to identify the most effective and profitable marketing strategies.

  • Produced 700% growth and $.5B in incremental loans by enhancing the small business balance build strategy.

  • Created a revolutionary new credit product for small business owners; drove coordination between IT, Production Services, Marketing, Legal, and Finance departments during initial testing.