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Mitzi Perdue | Apr 29, 2019

Over the course of their lives, your clients and their family members are guaranteed to have many uncomfortable conversations. Which is the most uncomfortable? And how can you help them do something about it?

The answer for the most uncomfortable topic is money. A Wells Fargo survey found that 44% of Americans see personal finance as the most challenging topic to discuss with others. We’ll get to what your clients can do to facilitate this conversation with their children in a moment, but first, let’s get into why this topic is so essential to almost everyone. Money is a leading cause of stress in relationships, and it’s commonly cited as the primary reason couples divorce.


OrderUp takes 39 minutes to deliver food. Here's how it plans to get faster

By Sarah Gantz  –  Reporter, Baltimore Business Journal

Jun 23, 2015, 2:52pm EDT Updated Jun 23, 2015, 3:09pm EDT

Lesson One for anyone getting into the food business: Don’t make hungry people wait too long.

Patrons of Baltimore's popular food ordering and delivery service, OrderUp, can expect their meal to arrive an average of 39 minutes after ordering. But when it takes longer than that, the company can expect a social media thrashing.

“Food was cold, soggy, and inedible. Crab tots sitting in a cardboard box over an hour creates a nasty smell,” one disgruntled customer tweeted at OrderUp, chronicling a 90-minute quest for a late-night meal.


Former Domino's, Microsoft Data Expert Joins OrderUp as Chief Data Officer

3/31/2015 PR Newswire

BALTIMORE, March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- OrderUp, the most complete on-demand food delivery marketplace for local markets outside of the top metros, today announced the hire of Scott Sokoloff as Chief Data Officer. Sokoloff will use machine learning and data insights into consumer behavior to optimize OrderUp's delivery model, creating the optimal consumer experience.

Most recently, Sokoloff served as the Head of Data Science at TE Connectivity, a Fortune 250 global manufacturer. Prior to TE Connectivity, Sokoloff was the Head of Analysis & Data Insights at Microsoft working on GroupMe, Head of Data Insights at Domino's, and Marketing & Business Intelligence Strategist at Burger King.


OrderUp hires former Microsoft, Burger King data specialist [Startup Roundup]

By Stephen Babcock / STAFF

OrderUp landed another ex-Domino’s exec who knows his way around technology and delivery. Scott Sokoloff was hired as Chief Data Officer, the Canton-based on-demand food delivery company announced Tuesday. Along with Domino’s, Sokoloff previously worked in data science roles at TE ConnectivityMicrosoft and Burger King. At OrderUp, he will “use machine learning and data insights into consumer behavior to optimize OrderUp’s delivery model,” the company stated. OrderUp also recently hired former Domino’s CIO Chris McGlothlin, who led the team that created the company’s much-loved Pizza Tracker.


Analytics execs reveal how to hire data scientists

Ed Burns I Site Editor

Hiring a data scientist can be a big investment, so businesses need to know how to optimize the process. As a guide, some experienced analytics managers discuss their hiring strategies.

Interest in enterprise data science initiatives continues to grow, but as more and more businesses start thinking about bringing new employees aboard to develop and run advanced analytics applications, the question of how to hire data scientists is coming to the forefront -- and it's creating some confusion and differing opinions on what skills to prioritize.

"There's a lot of buzz around data science, and I think there's a pretty big gap between what people think it is and what companies actually need," said Frank Lo, director of data science at Boston-based online home furnishings retailer Wayfair LLC. "There's a lot of disagreement about what makes a good data scientist."